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Johnny Cash Roadshow

The Man In Black

The Johnny Cash Roadshow is an outstanding Johnny Cash production featuring the charismatic Clive John as the incomparable ‘Man In Black’.

Starring Clive John & Featuring Jill Schoonjans as June Carter.

The band deliver a high energy performance which everyone seems to enjoy irrespective of whether you’re an ardent fan of Johnny Cash or not.

The show features many of his classic tracks from the San Quentin and Folsom Prison concerts right up to Hurt which was recorded only a few months before his death.

Other songs include The Ring of Fire, Boy Named Sue, Folsom Prison Blues, Man In Black, One Piece at a Time, Give My Love to Rose plus many others.

The Johnny Cash Roadshow completes this authentic tribute to the Man In Black with regular guest appearances by artiste such as Jill Schoonjans performing as June Carter.

The Only production World Wide to be endorsed by the Cash family:

I had the pleasure to see the ‘Johnny Cash Roadshow / Spirit Band’ just this past weekend in Manchester. As a member of this family, the Cash Family, I was in awe of how incredible the performances were. Clive and Jill capture my Grandfather and Grandmother JUST as they were in this world they put a mark in. And not just the focus of the show, being those two talents, but the rest of the crew, absolutely brilliant. I have never seen a stand up bass spun around that fast, just to predict the perfect punctuation for landing! And don’t get me started on the electric and the drums! AMAZING!

I sincerely believe that there is an art form to “tributing”, but this was absolutely authentic to the point where it felt as if it wasn’t a tribute, per say, it was a rock-n-roll gig! given by some sincere rock-n-rollers! I am a fan!

Caitlin Crowell

Granddaughter of Mr. Johnny Cash and Mrs. June Carter Cash

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