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The Silver Beatles

Southampton's Finest Beat Combo

Our very own fab four return to their very own 'Cavern Club'. We think they're gonna be big one day!

“…Cover bands are big business these days, but this quartet are clearly a cut above most with suits, mop-tops and jerking stage manoeuvres all in place as they blast out ‘From Me To You’, ‘Roll Over Beethoven’ and ‘Please, Please Me’ with note-perfect aplomb.”

The Daily Telegraph.

There seems to be two different methods employed by tribute bands in copying their heroes. One is to immerse themselves totally in character, become the band. The other is to still do this, but do it with tongue very much in cheek. So how to interpret the greatest pop group of all time? The Silver Beatles go for option B, not taking themselves too seriously and this approach definitely works for them. They indulge in banter among themselves and with the crowd, making the most out of the fact that every Beatle is instantly recognisable. The first half of the gig is the young Beatles, suits and mop tops, covering all the early hits; ‘Saw her standing there, Can’t buy me love’ among others before finishing on ‘Twist and Shout’. Then it’s a quick break and costume change where they miraculously transform into the older, hippie era Beatles; the period where they wrote some of their finest songs. Just point non-believers to songs like ‘In my life’ and ‘Let it be’ which show, more so than the early years, why the Beatles are still held in such esteem. Not that anyone here needed convincing. The 500 plus crowd, arms held aloft, nah-nah-nah-ing during the encore of ‘Hey Jude’. Nope, no non-believers were present.

Review by Thomas Christie

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