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Southampton's Finest!
+ Dead Rabbits + Brother Goose

Local boys done good return their home town's best music venue! Another one not to miss.

British band Delays made their name in 2004, when they released their debut album ‘Faded Seaside Glamour’ on Rough Trade Records. It was a Top 20 album, and became one of the most critically acclaimed of that year. “First band in a decade to lay serious claim to the Stone Roses throne” (The Guardian), “Heavenly pop glory” (Q). Their second album ‘You See Colours’ (2006) entered the charts at number 24, sealing the bands notoriety as one of the most important new guitar bands in Britain, “shimmering pop perfection” (Q), “Delays soar above.” (NME), “You won’t hear a better album all year” (The Sun). In 2008 Delays released ‘Everything’s The Rush’ through Fiction Records. The making of this record changed the way they felt about music and became the reason they parted with Fiction Records to write their fourth album.

With the independent wind in their sails Delays immediately started writing ‘Star Tiger, Star Ariel’ in their hometown of Southampton. Inspired by the fear and excitement of independence, late nights in the New Forest and playing whilst the sun went down at the docks, this album truely reflects the band’s depth, ambition and integrity.

The Gilbert brothers Greg and Aaron alongside Colin Fox (bass guitar) and Rowly on drums, recorded the album at Rockfield Studios in Monmouth (Queen, Stone Roses) with Duncan Lewis who produced their first hit album.

Greg says “The first album sounded like the sun, the second album like a club, ETR was a festival, and this sounds like roots beneath the city shaking the buildings at night. This record is about being lost, and the dream of being found. It is our best record, and it tells the story of what we have been through.”

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+ Dead Rabbits + Brother Goose