Regarding Covid-19 & Shows – Updated:  September 13th 2021

First of all, we strongly welcome the new announcement from The Government that “vaccine passports” will not be necessary for entry to the venue, we know that this would have been very difficult to administer and also would give people a false sense of security that everything is ok.  We are grateful that The Government have listened to all the arguments from our sector, pointing out all of the pitfalls of this policy.  (#Stupid!) – We hope that Scotland follows. 

There are a handful of shows where band management are insisting on passports or proof of a negative test are essential for entry.  These shows are outside promoter shows and on-line purchase only and you will be emailed about this.  (Most Vinilo Out-Store Shows). For in-house shows, this is not a necessity.  We do request (please…) that you take a lateral flow test before you come to The Brook to a show, we are not currently asking for proof.  We have a collective responsibility to protect each other.  Please help us to stay open xxx #TakeATest

Please Read Regarding Reschedules / Refunds…

Our refund policy has changed temporarily during this pandemic period and we offer a no quibble refund for Covid infections and Track & Trace instructions to self isolate. 

1) If a date changes from the date that you originally purchased and the new date is not convenient, you can request a refund.  (this is our normal policy)

2) If you have tested positive or been instructed to self isolate by Track & Trace, we will offer you a no quibble refund.

You must do this in good time.  You cannot do this retrospectively (must be before 3pm on the day of the show).  If you contact us after a show, unfortunately there is nothing that we can do, the money has gone. 

We request that you do a lateral flow test before you come to a show, we don’t need to see it, this is collective responsibility, us and you, to keep everyone as safe as possible.  

If you can’t make it to a show for any reason listed above, online ticket refunds via Ticketweb may be requested in the link below. You will need to explain why you are requesting a refund. Follow this link to request a full refund from TicketWeb.  Then look for “Submit a Request”.

You should note that our friends at Ticket-Web are dealing with thousands of requests as they are an international supplier.  The delay times have increased, but they are processing these as fast as they can.  

My card has expired – how do I get my refund? (TicketWeb)

If your expiry date has changed on your card, the delay will be increased further.  The increase in delay is security related, and is there to protect you and your money. 

Other Ticket Outlets

TicketWeb is the official seller for The Brook’s tickets, either from TicketWeb‘s website, or via the box office at The Brook.  For Vinilo Record Store – “Out-Store” shows, all tickets are sold through the Vinilo Record Store’s Website.  AGMP Shows, maybe sold through AXS, Dice, Eventim, Gigantic, See, as well as TicketWeb. If you are wanting and a ticket and you are not sure, ask us a question to check. If you have purchased a ticket via a different ticket outlet you would need to contact the particular ticket outlet that you purchased from if you can’t make the new date. The Brook is not sure of the “Other Outlets” Covid Refund Policy.  

For tickets purchased from The Brook box office directly, please contact the box office using the contact form on our website or you can phone the box office during box office hours.   If you are holding the physical tickets (printed at The Brook), we will ask you to send us a photo of your barcodes torn in half, this will save you having to post your physical tickets to us.  

Ticket Touts

Do not be tempted to buy or sell tickets from reseller sites like Viagogo or Stub Hub or any other blaggards, they are not official sellers and it is proving very difficult to obtain refunds.  Never-ever buy any tickets on Facebook (for anything!!) . These reseller sites are full of scams, rogues and scallywags and more importantly your tickets will not be valid and you will end up out of pocket and disappointed.  

Please note – Refund requests can only be accepted up to 3:00pm on the day of the show!

If it is a weekend night, and an online ticket, you should use The Brook’s contact form rather than TicketWeb‘s form.  In this circumstance, the booking fee cannot be returned as it has to be processed by The Brook in time for the show.

If you fill in TicketWeb‘s online form for internet purchased tickets in good time before the show, the booking fee will be returned by TicketWeb.