These are 100% Seated Events – with some flexibility on numbers – keep reading…

We need to ensure that people on one table are from a household or a bubble. We are selling tables as households or bubbles of 1 or 2 people, with selected tables being marked as “Expandable“.  We will keep an eye on sales and may adjust the number available depending on demand. This model of show is completely alien to us, so we will tweak this model as we go, & as we receive customer feedback.

Current Government Guidance / Law

It is quite hard to follow as it changes often, sometimes weekly and even daily. We are trying to have a model that encompasses Tier 1 and Tier 2.

Please Note:

As per current Government guidance/law, if you meet different households in any bar, venue or restaurant, you need the room to socially distance between households even if you are together as a group. This is true inside or outside. Many people, places and authorities do not seem to be getting this quite right.

It is quite difficult for us to administer this in our space, and tables of 6 just do not fit in the venue, which is why we have come up with our Expandable Tables solution to this problem – to get gigs going. And this is why we need you to request expansion of your table for households or bubbles if you need them. We do not have room for 1m+ on individual tables.

What are Expandable Tables?

If you have more than 2 people in your household or bubble, choose an Expandable Table and buy it & lock it down. As soon as you have purchased your ticket, contact the box office, via our contact form, and let us know that you need more tickets for your table, for your household/bubble. We will contact you to sell you the extra ticket/s that you need. You are guaranteed to be able to expand an Expandable Table to 3 or 4 people this way.  Our contact may not be immediate (couple of days maybe), but you are guaranteed to be able to expand your booking if you purchase an Expandable Table, as no one else can purchase them, and this will be done by a human!  This is the simplest way for us to ensure that we can continue to stay compliant with Tier 1 & Tier 2 regulations, whilst ensuring households/ bubbles larger than 2 can enjoy the event. Please note that by Expandable Table we mean either an actual table and short stools, or a set of tall stools and a shelf, depending which you have booked.

Eh? Say that again?

If you have a bigger group than 2 in your bubble…

  1. Buy an expandable table for 2 (if available)
  2. Click contact form to request expansion
  3. We’ll get back to you to expand

You can have up to 4 in a party like this.

If you want to see a show with some friends that you don’t live with or are not in your bubble, arrange with them to buy a table next to each other. This way, you can be near your friends and be able to achieve 1m+ social-distancing. If you don’t understand anything about this or require clarification, fire us a question using the contact form on our website.

Also please note that if there are only two of you coming, we would request that if you can, you buy a fixed table, as for each event, we would like to try and keep the revenue for the artist & venue as high as possible in these Covid days, where we have a massively reduced capacity.

Seating Plan & One Way System

A larger plan is available to view.  Just click on the picture for the larger plan.  It should be noted that upstairs seats have a slightly restricted view through the balcony fence railing. On some shows, not all tables will be available as they may be being used by The Brook, Agents or Artists.

Seating Plan - Schematic

What to expect at a Covid-Secure gig at The Brook

    • Happiness – Great Staff, great sound & great drinks. We will endeavour to give you that great Brook experiance that so many of you love, whilst adhering strictly to local and national licensing conditions.
    • Track & Trace – It is now a legal requirement for Stage 4 Ltd (The Brook) to take details from all customers. Purchase of a ticket constitutes agreement to us giving your name and number to NHS Track & Trace if requested within 21 days of your visit. After this time we will not.
    • Face Coverings – It is now a legal requirement for staff & customers to wear a face covering in the venue. The only time you can remove your face covering is when you are sat down to eat or drink. If you don’t, unfortunately, you may be asked to leave the premises. If you are exempt from wearing a face covering for medical reasons, just let the door staff know on arrival.
    • One Way System – We have a one way system in place (See Below). We ask that you use it & respect it. Please use your common sense, giving other customers plenty of room as you pass – or queue for the toilet.
    • Toilets – Only two people maximum use the toilets at any one time.  Obviously, wash your hands. We have plenty of paper towels by the door in each toilet. There are toilets both floors at The Brook, we ask that you use the toilets on the floor that you are on to distribute the demand. Please don’t wait for a break in the show to use the toilet, just use it when you need it, then peak time usage will be reduced.
    • Cash/Contactless – We are not trying to move towards a cashless world, but for the time being, we would be very grateful if you could help keep the speed of service by using contactless as the payment method. We will review this as Environmental Health advice develops, and hope to get back to normal as soon as possible.
    • Drinks – The only way that we can comply with current guidance is to have table service. Instructions & a menu will be on each table. Please bear in mind that service may take longer than you are used to. Our range of drinks will also be reduced to save on wastage.  You would cry if you knew how much alcohol has been wasted since March 2020.  There will be no queueing at the bar. Please don’t wait for a break in the show to order a drink, just order when you would like one, again this will lessen the peak demand and waiting time. We will deliver drinks as discreetly as we can, throughout the show.
    • Covid Refund Policy – During this period, & on these Covid-Secure shows.  If you, or anyone in your party has any covid symptoms, or have been asked to self-isolate we will offer a no-quibble, full refund. Please contact us via the contact form on our website. Please do not visit the venue if you or any of your party have any symptoms.
    • Band Merchandise – We are trying to work on a solution for you to purchase merchandise from the artists. At the current time, the only way for bands to sell merchandise os on-line via their websites, we are encouraging them to have flyers available for you to take home.
    • Times – It is possible that the performances roll past the 10:00pm bar curfew.  There will be no alcohol served past 10:00pm, and the audience will be requested to leave as soon as the show finishes.  [Government guidance on this should be updated near the beginning of December]. Unfortunately there will be no merchandise sales or meet and greets, to comply with local and national licensing, when a show is done, it is done, and everybody has to leave in an immediate but orderly fashion. Please don’t forget the normal social distancing rules when you are leaving the venue.

One way system – what is it like?

Downstairs Walk-Around Video…

Upstairs Walk-Around Video…

Other information

We will continue to keep an eye on current guidance. If for any reason beyond our control we need to cancel or move the event, we will contact you & you will have the choice to keep your tickets for the new event or ask for a refund. Please be aware that we are a large venue & having a vastly reduced capacity will make nearly every show a loss making show, but will keep things trickling over till April. We have DCMS funding lasting from October 2020 to April 2021, administered by Arts Council England to do this.  We really appreciate you supporting The Brook, the staff, the artists, the security staff & each other during this period.

Remind yourselves… Wash your hands!!!

All we want to do is get the music playing… Please help us to help you… To Help The Artists, Sound, Light, Security, Bar & Event Staff… The Brook will play it’s tiny part, to help kickstart the industry…

If you love music, please keep an eye on Music Venue Trust for news of anything that you can help the music sector with during this time. If you use facebook, then follow Music Venue Trust. Also, Music Venue Trust Activists have suggestions on how you can give practical help.  Many of our friends and colleagues in the industry are freelancers & have had no work and prospect of work since March 2020. These are the people who make and build the festivals we love, they made the amazing Olympics intro happen and they make the films that we love look and sound so good. This whole industry of creative minds, for which the UK is renowned for, contributes a massive amount for the UK economy. We need them… Please help them and follow the #WeMakeEvents campaign on facebook.

Without these people, there will be silence…