The Brook has an Equal Access Policy and welcomes all customers with physical or mental impairments.  We adhere to the Equality Act 2010 and are working closely with Attitude is Everything to make your visit to The Brook as enjoyable and accessible as we possibly can.

Contact details for all access enquiries

If you require any more information or would like to speak to us about the venue and its access, please contact the Box Office on 023 8055 5366.  Our office hours are 1.00pm-7.00pm Wednesday – Saturday (excluding Bank Holidays).

Postal address – The Brook, 466 Portswood Road, Southampton SO17 3SD

Access around the venue

Access is via a wheelchair friendly gentle slope (although the payment outside is a little wobbly!) that will take you to the main entrance where there is level access  to the booking office, where our staff can help you to purchase or pick up tickets.

The main auditorium is situated downstairs and has a wide entrance with double doors opening outwards.  Staff will assist you finding an comfortable area to enable you to enjoy the gig fully if required.

There is level access to the bar, where our staff can help you with taking your orders and payment, and bringing your drinks out to you if you require.

Upstairs Viewing Gallery

There is an upstairs balcony style viewing gallery with tables and chairs.  There are 19 steps to access this.  Please note, there is no wheelchair access to the upstairs area.  If the people who are with you are prepared to help you up the stairs, we can facilitate this, but they must remain sober enough to help you down.


An accessible toilet with proper wide access doors can be found in the main downstairs foyer, 11 m from the auditorium.  It has level access, with plenty of room inside, and an accessible hand dryer and flush chain.

Induction Loop

We call it Rachel’s Loop.

A customer called Rachel filled in a form on our website to see if we could help her as she saw on our website that we did not have an induction loop. We investigated this and decided to install one. So we can now say “Yes!”

The Brook now has an Ampetronic C Series induction loop installed.

Due to the unique shape and arrangement of the building, the loop is concentrated in a particular area above and below the balcony. Please have a look at the map which shows the area covered showing the best area for you to sit or stand for best reception.

This system is regularly checked to ensure that it is operating correctly.

We would welcome any feedback from patrons who use this, either by talking to us on the night of a performance or via the feedback form on this website.

For those that don’t know here is an explanation of what an induction loop is:

A hearing induction loop is a technology designed to assist people with hearing impairments. It involves a loop of wire installed in a specific area. When individuals with hearing aids in T-coil mode enter this area, the signal is transmitted directly to their hearing aid, improving audio clarity.

At present we unfortunately do not have any services such as  British Sign Language / Captioning / Audio Description / Relaxed Performances.

Layout of Venue Hearing Loop



There is no specific Blue Badge parking at the venue, however there is  plenty of street parking on Belgrave Road, as well as the Industrial Estates at the back of the venue.  The walk is approximately 100-200m to the entrance, dependent on the parking spot. Please do feel free to stop at the entrance and ask the door staff for advice on parking.

Local Public Transport

Nearest main train stations with full access are Southampton Airport Parkway and Southampton Central Station. Both have ramps for train access, step free access throughout and lifts to access all platforms.  The lifts are in operation 24 hours a day.


Bluestar Bluestar 2
Unilink U6

The stops are called ‘Sirdar Road’ and are situated 110m from the venue.


Taxis can stop by a dropped curb on the corner of Portswood Road and Belgrave Road where you will have access to a wheelchair friendly slope leading to the main entrance.

West Quay Cars 02380999999

Box Office 

The Box Office located at the main entrance to the venue and is fully wheelchair accessible.  There is a counter that can be lifted to ensure all ticket purchases are equally accessible.  There is no loop system in the Box Office.  Tickets can be purchased with cash, debit and credit cards.

Assistance Dogs

Assistance dogs are welcome to the venue and will have access to water, however, please be aware that gigs can be extremely loud and busy.

Strobe Lighting

Strobe lighting, lighting that produces stroboscopic effects and smoke machines may be used during gigs in our venue. If you have concerns about any of these elements being in a performance that you are coming to see please contact the Box Office on 023 8055 5366 (Wednesday – Saturday 1.00pm – 7pm) who will be able to confirm what effects will be in use. Please note that this may not be instantaneous as we may need to contact the promoter to get more information. In these circumstances, the Box Office will arrange to call you back.