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With the current Covid-19 crisis going on, if you want to ask if a particular event is happening, please wait till we announce, we have a very small team & are working day and night to re-schedule shows.  We are trying to announce re-scheduled dates as soon as we have replacement dates rather than just marking dates as postponed.  Then you can make a proper decision about whether you want to keep your ticket valid. 

If we can’t secure a replacement in good time, we will mark as postponed, please wait till we announce the replacement, or if we can’t replace, the cancellation announcement.  

Please Read Regarding Refunds…

Only when a show has been postponed or cancelled can we action any refunds.  Once this has happened and you can’t make the new date, on-line ticket refunds (Ticketweb) should be requested here. If you follow this link, then your booking fee will also be refunded.   Tickets purchased at the box office, you should contact the box office.  Please do not contact for refunds before the date has changed.

#PleaseKeepYourTicketValid x