Robin Trower - Rescheduled
Wed 3rd Nov 2021 Show: 7:30pm (Showtimes Approx)
The new event is Wed 22nd June 2022 Tickets are valid for the new event. Please keep them if you can. ###Please Note: We have booked Sari Schorr to keep the date Wednesday 3rd November 2021 (the original date) - Tickets are available here! ### At this time we don't know who the support will be in June 2022, so if you want to see Sari Schorr - Grab a ticket. Here is a message from Robin... "Apologies for having to postpone my UK/European dates again. Unfortunately I have had to cancel my lengthy USA tour for September/October. These tours take many months to set up, visas etc. The USA venues can not yet guarentee what capacities will be allowed in these venues, due to Covid. It was therefore felt it would be better to tour in 2022, when all restrictions should be lifted." - Robin
Robin Trower