Survey to ask Coldplace ticket purchasers if they would like the England v France match to be screened before Coldplace take to the Stage?

The Question

Many customers contacted us with varying views on whether we add the England v France game to the Coldplace bill on Saturday. The only way that we could deal with this is by contacting as many ticket purchasers as possible to ask their thoughts.  The reason that we had to ask is that it could have a possible impact on the original show that people purchased with up to an hours delay in the band’s stage time.  We asked the following question.

Would you like us to screen the England v France World Cup Qtr Final match before Coldplace take to the Stage?


If the results of this poll suggest we should show the match There may be implications on the timings for the evening. If the match is decided in normal time (90 minutes) – Coldplace will take to the stage at the usual time of 9pm and finish at about 10:45pm. In the chance that the match may go to Extra Time and Penalties – Coldplace would go on stage approximately 10pm and show would finish approx.. 11:45pm Would you like us to screen it?

With 3 possible answers

No Thanks, Don’t Show the Football :: Yes Please Show the Football :: I don’t mind either way


So here are the results of the poll we did with people who have already purchased tickets for the event on Saturday 20th December 2022. We are aware that some customers will be super-happy, and some will be disappointed with the result. We were stuck between a rock and a hard place. This is why the only way this could be decided was with a poll.


The outcome of this poll means that we will not change the original billing of this show as it was throughout the sale since 15th September 2022. So the original billing stands. We are very sorry for anyone who wanted us to change the billing to include the football.

The Brook Team